A look at breeds and varieties of blue cats.

On any given weekend at any given catshow there is one question that almost every blue British Shorthair, Chartreux, Korat, or Russian Blue exhibitor is sure to hear.....
....."Is that a (insert name of one of the aforementioned breeds that the exhibitor is NOT showing)?"

It's not the fault of the spectator. Very often they've only seen photographs of any purebred cat, much less seen examples in the flesh of any of these blue cats. Add to that the fact that the latter 3 breeds are minority breeds and it's no wonder that people aren't quite sure what cat that they're looking at!

Here we'll explore the differences between 3 breeds that come in only the color blue (the Chartreux, the Korat, and the Russian Blue) and the solid blue division of a popular cat that comes in a variety of colors (the British Shorthair).

Information about each breed's attributes is taken from the Cat Fanciers' Association's Breed Standard for each breed. The complete Breed Standard for these breeds and all CFA-recognized breeds may be found at http://cfa.org/breeds.aspx

Two blue cats....two different breeds. But which breeds are they?
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